Peter Middleton formed Datel Consulting in September 2009, taking over the consultancy services and clients of his previous company, Integrated Digital Systems Limited (IDS Telecom) under a mutual agreement.

IDS provided these services since its formation in 1991, building up a vast amount of experience in assisting clients in both business and public sector markets. Services included financial network audits, network design and planning through to project management and network operations. Datel continues to provide these services today; ensuring clients receive value-for-money from their suppliers.

Our consultants are all drawn from a range of backgrounds in senior operational management, technical design and planning and data analysis.

Experience and knowledge

Datel consultants have been working in the field of telecoms services for business for over 30 years, transitioning from stand-alone PBX systems through third generation digital voice networks into the latest Voice over IP technologies. Throughout this time, our consultants have amassed a wealth of knowledge in corporate voice and early integrated voice and data networks starting with the time when spare voice capacity was used to replace expensive leased line data connections. This stood them in good stead for developing expertise in today’s ‘reversal’ of this technology where voice is provided as an application over high-speed data networks.

Our focus has always been business oriented - maximising current assets and only recommending upgrades where there are strong business drivers or strategic goals to justify this.

Delivery of business telecoms services in large organisations has historically been fragmented which doesn't help visibility of service provision costs. We always adopt a consolidated approach to this issue giving clients a complete view of service provision costs.

Our consultants have strong technical backgrounds, which means that the themes and strategies we develop are technically deliverable, properly managed and are cost effective at all levels.

Convergence and unified comms

The growing trend for business telecom services to be integrated with an organisations’ IT systems and processes has meant a step change in the infrastructure required. Centralisation of applications whether in the ‘cloud’ or the clients’ own data centres demands a new way of procuring, implementing and operating networks. Whilst the data network requirement for voice as an application is quite small, it is vital that the LAN and WAN are able to meet the requirements of this application across the network. We have built up skills and experience in moving legacy voice systems to VoIP platforms with the associated data networking requirements necessary to achieve a smooth transition.

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Value for money

Whether the requirement is to reduce operational costs or upgrade and replace communications infrastructure, a fundamental understanding of the cost of the existing infrastructure is necessary to fully explain the proposed financial and operational benefits of change.

As the world of communications technologies changes it is often the case that new services or applications are overlaid on the existing infrastructure. We help to review clients’ requirements for applications and capacity, identifying redundant services and reducing operational cost. Previous engagements we have been involved in have reduced operational budgets by between 25% and 50% or have accelerated the return on investment for new infrastructure and applications.

In the current economic climate, organisations need to be fully aware of their communications services costs. Datel Consulting are ready to help, by bringing ‘real-world’ experience combined with the tools and techniques to deliver true value-for-money.


A problem with business telecom services will invariably have an impact on your bottom line. Finding the problem can be difficult in the new world of converged and unified communications. Datel's years of technical, commercial and integration experience means that we can provide help in areas such as billing, service issues and contracts. Knowing where to focus the attention when resolving an issue is particularly important, especially when it comes to the service providers. We can help by detailed forensic evaluation of bills and infrastructure through to analysis of service contracts and application of SLAs to resolve even the most complex issues.