Forensic Network Audit

AuditBenefit from our forensic network audit packages to regain control of your communications costs. Forensic auditing can quickly identify where you can rationalise assets and billing by using accurate, up-to-date information about your telecom systems and services.

Lack of accurate, up-to-date informationcan often lead to a misunderstanding of what parts of an organisation’s communications infrastructure are active and what are installed and being paid for, but not being used.Cost control in business is not always easy, but with a structured approach to the management of your comms networks through forensic network auditing and records management is a relatively straightforward way of managing and decreasing cost in your business. Suppliers’ bills are often complex and in our experience, often incorrect, so it's important that the bills are regularly compared to a managed asset list for successful expense control. Our audit services do this by carrying out an in-depth forensic analysis of technical and financial elements within each site then comparing the results with your suppliers’ bills. All services and devices are validated for their use and their costs at current tariffs, including such items as: line rental, trunk capacity, network links, and maintenance.Services that provide excess capacity are reduced and those no longer in use are ceased. In some instances we have found site infrastructure being charged for despite the site having been closed for years! The savings are often substantial and where there is evidence of cease requests not being actioned, can be backdated over the period.So if you are trying to figure out where there are opportunities to decrease costs in your business, ask us how forensic network auditing can help!

Case Study

A multinational company in the BPO sector were commencing an offshoring program for a client's IT and telecom services. The process of offshoring was significantlyaffecting their UK infrastructure and due to operational pressures the in-house team had been unable to assess the full extent of this impact.Our team were engaged to carry out a detailed forensic audit to provide the information which would allow the organisation to properly address the issues.We structured an audit project that gathered billing data from a multiple sources within the business and split this by individual site usage. Then a program of site inspections was carried out which allowed us to identify the billed assets at each location.Once the assets had been matched to the billing data, further analysis of the clients’ usage and capacity requirements was carried out. This allowed us to identify that over-capacity and unused assets was unnecessarily costing the company £250,000 every year!After presenting this to the client we were asked to implement the changes to realise the savings. During the process, further cost saving areas were identified resulting in a final benefit of £750,000 per annum.The knowledge we had gained about the client business, alongside the collected information, allowed us to introduce processes and procedures for the client to minimize the possibility of the situation re-occurring.


IT Infrastructure Manager - Warrington, United Kingdom

“Datel were introduced to me several years ago and from the very start of the relationship I felt very confident that they had a proven process coupled with experienced personnel who could deliver the significant savings that we had discussed at the kick off meeting. Datel have an intimate knowledge of the 3rd party suppliers billing processes and procedures that helped them to quickly highlight areas of discrepancy. They exceeded my savings forecast and also left a legacy of improved processes.”