Design and Planning

Organisations often need to make changes to their network infrastructure to address a new business requirement. However, it can be quite a tricky process to translate business needs into a network design with all the associated timelines and business protection plans.

With years of experience and expertise in infrastructure design and optimisation, we are an ideal choice to help when you are planning a change to your communication services.

We have been providing these services for traditional voice and data networks as well as today’s modern IP equivalents so have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs the whole design process.

Our designs are always business-serving and ‘real-world.’ We use techniques that are proven to deliver what’s needed and have a strong grasp of the financials so we can ensure that the design is cost effective.

The integration of telecoms and IT demands a thorough understanding of the LAN and WAN arenas which is no issue for the Datel team. We have a strong history of working in both and are happy to act as a specialist advisor to your own IT team.

Our understanding of detailed building plans is also a major help during any infrastructure change especially when moving from legacy to IP networks.

In multi-site situations, legacy services can be implemented until the final cutover. We can provide these vital services, leaving you to run your business.

Case Study

A family-run £100m construction and engineering business needed to improve their communications across the group including the various construction sites at which its teams were working.

After receiving a full brief from the client, we examined various network design options for integrating the company’s communications infrastructure paying particular attention to suitability for employees who could be at one site for 9 months and then be assigned to another.

Our design took the existing dial-up ISDN data network and use of PSTN for inter-site calling and replaced it with a company wide MPLS based IPVPN connecting voice and data over a single network. To complement this we designed a hybrid IPT solution using the existing PBX network to reduce the number of switches. This also allowed connectivity for site personnel through IPVPN services over broadband.