Operational Support Consultancy

On-going management of your communications infrastructure is another task which ensures that network function and performance always serve the needs of your business.

We have been responsible for helping organisations resolve issues and fix problems in the day-to-day operation and management of their network, for over 20 years. We advise on how to set up monitoring and reporting systems, how to deal with changes following VoIP implementations and how to interact with suppliers to keep things running as they should.

Formally monitoringyour suppliers’ bills and matching the details with information from your communications hardware is an especially important activity to keep costs down and ensure value for money. We suggest the regular analysis of capacity reports to keep communication services operating as they should and that over or under use can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Our Forensic Network Audits and Billing Services can help you do this automatically and without pain!

We also perform technical and commercial problem solving roles. This includes: MNS contract-end analysis, long term or recurring fault issues including analysis of voice quality over IP networks, both internally and for SiP trunks.

Case Study

For one of our clients, changing from a managed network service provider via an outsourcing contract to an in-house service model required a complete change in how things were managed. Previously, problem management had been carried out by the service provider but now, the client needed to use their own support desk to handle user issues.

The Datel team worked closely with the client’s IT support and help desk teams to gauge the impact of these changes in terms of service requests and to remodel their existing procedures to incorporate the additional voice aspect. These procedures were developed within the ITIL framework. As part of this process, Datel provided further assistance to the management team delivering a presentation detailing the changes and the new procedures to the help desk and associated staff.