Procurement Consultancy

Many of our clients have procurement divisions with well-established methods for tendering. Even so, the specialised nature of the networking world and the critical importance to their business means that they often decide to seek help with the technical input and final evaluation of suppliers’ offerings.

Our involvement varies from client to client. Sometimes organisations do not have available resources or require technical input for requirement specifications. In these situations we are happy to help.Key to a successful procurement exercise is the quality of the documented requirements. We can help you compile technical and commercial requirements documentation that will ensure potential suppliers fully understand what is expected of them. Experience has shown that this assists greatly in the evaluation of tender responses and streamlines the whole process.Our clients also benefit from our strong commercial skills. When it comes to analysing the terms and conditions of business, which, without correction, is often substantially weighted in the suppliers favour. We make sure that this does not happen and your interests are always served.

Case Study

When an international engineering and construction company was looking to separate from their parent, a key requirement was to ensure that their procurement of communications services was fully transparent and open to competition to ensure value-for-money.

Datel won the project through a competitive tendering process, convincing the client that the team had the necessary independence and expertise in products to provide transparent and cost effective services.

Whilst this work package included a range of our consultancy services, we worked very closely with the client’s procurement and sub-contracts division to construct the commercial and technical parts of the tenders.

With a re-design of the client’s infrastructure and the use of competitive tendering, we were able to reduce the client’s operational budget for telecoms from £1.2m per annum to £650,000.