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On-going management of your communications infrastructure is another task which ensures that network function and performance always serve the needs of your business.

We have been responsible for helping organisations resolve issues and fix problems in the day-to-day operation and management of their network, for over 20 years. We advise on how to set up monitoring and reporting systems, how to deal with changes following VoIP implementations and how to interact with suppliers to keep things running as they should.

Formally monitoringyour suppliers’ bills and matching the details with information from your communications hardware is an especially important activity to keep costs down and ensure value for money. We suggest the regular analysis of capacity reports to keep communication services operating as they should and that over or under use can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Our Forensic Network Audits and Billing Services can help you do this automatically and without pain!

We also perform technical and commercial problem solving roles. This includes: MNS contract-end analysis, long term or recurring fault issues including analysis of voice quality over IP networks, both internally and for SiP trunks.

Case study

For one of our clients, changing from a managed network service provider via an outsourcing contract to an in-house service model required a complete change in how things were managed. Previously, problem management had been carried out by the service provider but now, the client needed to use their own support desk to handle user issues.

The Datel team worked closely with the client’s IT support and help desk teams to gauge the impact of these changes in terms of service requests and to remodel their existing procedures to incorporate the additional voice aspect. These procedures were developed within the ITIL framework. As part of this process, Datel provided further assistance to the management team delivering a presentation detailing the changes and the new procedures to the help desk and associated staff.

Keeping your business running whilst managing any project is always a bit of a juggling act and networking projects are no exception. Organisation and rigorous planning at every stage is vital to ensure there are no surprises and you finish up where you planned to be. This is especially true when multiple vendors’ products are used, all requiring careful integration.

Having spent a lot of time over the years, delivering networking projects of all types we have developed an approach which keeps everything on track, within budget and ensures the end result serves the client’s business and not the other way around! Key to this is our experience with multiple vendors, combined with an expert understanding of today’s networking technologies.

Our relationships with suppliers, the resultant understanding of how to get the best from them and our insistence on working closely with client in-house teams means that the project is kept on track. Throughout a projectwe provide encouragement and team leadership withthe all-important firm and determined position if tasks start to wander off track.

You will always be kept informed of project progress. Our teams are used to communicating at all levels and in all disciplines, via formal reporting as well as informal meetings.

Case Study

Datel had designed and planned the transition for a legacy to VoIP communications project for their client - an international oil field services company. The task was now to implement this transition as project managers.

The Datel team developed a project plan that maintained all of the existing services and functionality for the remaining users as each of the 10 sites was migrated to the VoIP platform over 5 weekends. This meant constant liaison with the outgoing supplier, new infrastructure providers and the client’s own VoIP deployment team.

The project required completely new infrastructure, delivering PoE, IPVPN services, integrated messaging, new iSDN30, porting of telephone numbers, training, site deployment for end-user devices, disengagement from the incumbent supplier, new billing and operational process development. The project was delivered on time and well within budget.


Senior IT Analyst - Aberdeen United Kingdom

“I would highly recommend the project management services delivered by Datel Consulting. I have firsthand experience working with the team on a comprehensive project to consolidate telephony and billing for a major oil services company in the UK. Datel successfully project managed the transition from an out-sourced distributed legacy PBX model to an in-house Cisco IPT solution.”

Organisations often need to make changes to their network infrastructure to address a new business requirement. However, it can be quite a tricky process to translate business needs into a network design with all the associated timelines and business protection plans.

With years of experience and expertise in infrastructure design and optimisation, we are an ideal choice to help when you are planning a change to your communication services.

We have been providing these services for traditional voice and data networks as well as today’s modern IP equivalents so have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs the whole design process.

Our designs are always business-serving and ‘real-world.’ We use techniques that are proven to deliver what’s needed and have a strong grasp of the financials so we can ensure that the design is cost effective.

The integration of telecoms and IT demands a thorough understanding of the LAN and WAN arenas which is no issue for the Datel team. We have a strong history of working in both and are happy to act as a specialist advisor to your own IT team.

Our understanding of detailed building plans is also a major help during any infrastructure change especially when moving from legacy to IP networks.

In multi-site situations, legacy services can be implemented until the final cutover. We can provide these vital services, leaving you to run your business.

Case Study

A family-run £100m construction and engineering business needed to improve their communications across the group including the various construction sites at which its teams were working.

After receiving a full brief from the client, we examined various network design options for integrating the company’s communications infrastructure paying particular attention to suitability for employees who could be at one site for 9 months and then be assigned to another.

Our design took the existing dial-up ISDN data network and use of PSTN for inter-site calling and replaced it with a company wide MPLS based IPVPN connecting voice and data over a single network. To complement this we designed a hybrid IPT solution using the existing PBX network to reduce the number of switches. This also allowed connectivity for site personnel through IPVPN services over broadband.

Many of our clients have procurement divisions with well-established methods for tendering. Even so, the specialised nature of the networking world and the critical importance to their business means that they often decide to seek help with the technical input and final evaluation of suppliers’ offerings.

Our involvement varies from client to client. Sometimes organisations do not have available resources or require technical input for requirement specifications. In these situations we are happy to help.
Key to a successful procurement exercise is the quality of the documented requirements. We can help you compile technical and commercial requirements documentation that will ensure potential suppliers fully understand what is expected of them. Experience has shown that this assists greatly in the evaluation of tender responses and streamlines the whole process.
Our clients also benefit from our strong commercial skills. When it comes to analysing the terms and conditions of business, which, without correction, is often substantially weighted in the suppliers favour. We make sure that this does not happen and your interests are always served.

Case Study

When an international engineering and construction company was looking to separate from their parent, a key requirement was to ensure that their procurement of communications services was fully transparent and open to competition to ensure value-for-money.

Datel won the project through a competitive tendering process, convincing the client that the team had the necessary independence and expertise in products to provide transparent and cost effective services.

Whilst this work package included a range of our consultancy services, we worked very closely with the client’s procurement and sub-contracts division to construct the commercial and technical parts of the tenders.

With a re-design of the client’s infrastructure and the use of competitive tendering, we were able to reduce the client’s operational budget for telecoms from £1.2m per annum to £650,000.

AuditBenefit from our forensic network audit packages to regain control of your communications costs. Forensic auditing can quickly identify where you can rationalise assets and billing by using accurate, up-to-date information about your telecom systems and services.

Lack of accurate, up-to-date informationcan often lead to a misunderstanding of what parts of an organisation’s communications infrastructure are active and what are installed and being paid for, but not being used.
Cost control in business is not always easy, but with a structured approach to the management of your comms networks through forensic network auditing and records management is a relatively straightforward way of managing and decreasing cost in your business.
Suppliers’ bills are often complex and in our experience, often incorrect, so it's important that the bills are regularly compared to a managed asset list for successful expense control.
Our audit services do this by carrying out an in-depth forensic analysis of technical and financial elements within each site then comparing the results with your suppliers’ bills. All services and devices are validated for their use and their costs at current tariffs, including such items as: line rental, trunk capacity, network links, and maintenance.
Services that provide excess capacity are reduced and those no longer in use are ceased. In some instances we have found site infrastructure being charged for despite the site having been closed for years! The savings are often substantial and where there is evidence of cease requests not being actioned, can be backdated over the period.
So if you are trying to figure out where there are opportunities to decrease costs in your business, ask us how forensic network auditing can help!

Case Study

A multinational company in the BPO sector were commencing an offshoring program for a client's IT and telecom services. The process of offshoring was significantlyaffecting their UK infrastructure and due to operational pressures the in-house team had been unable to assess the full extent of this impact.
Our team were engaged to carry out a detailed forensic audit to provide the information which would allow the organisation to properly address the issues.
We structured an audit project that gathered billing data from a multiple sources within the business and split this by individual site usage. Then a program of site inspections was carried out which allowed us to identify the billed assets at each location.
Once the assets had been matched to the billing data, further analysis of the clients’ usage and capacity requirements was carried out. This allowed us to identify that over-capacity and unused assets was unnecessarily costing the company £250,000 every year!After presenting this to the client we were asked to implement the changes to realise the savings. During the process, further cost saving areas were identified resulting in a final benefit of £750,000 per annum.
The knowledge we had gained about the client business, alongside the collected information, allowed us to introduce processes and procedures for the client to minimize the possibility of the situation re-occurring.


IT Infrastructure Manager - Warrington, United Kingdom

“Datel were introduced to me several years ago and from the very start of the relationship I felt very confident that they had a proven process coupled with experienced personnel who could deliver the significant savings that we had discussed at the kick off meeting. Datel have an intimate knowledge of the 3rd party suppliers billing processes and procedures that helped them to quickly highlight areas of discrepancy. They exceeded my savings forecast and also left a legacy of improved processes.”