Strategic Consultancy

Predicting the future is never a precise art but a solid understanding of general networking trends and developments can significantly help businesses to improve their ability to deliver their products and services at a competitive price.

With communications having undergone a step-change in technology over recent years, deploying these technologies is now more complex as a result of the integration of multiple networking systems.

With many years of experience in delivering both legacy and new technology services, Datel Consulting is a sound choice to advise how to improve both the operation and the cost effectiveness of delivering advanced communication services.

Whether your business is planning to consolidate, expand or simply update and improve communications platforms and services, we can help by developing the business case to establish how effective specific strategies are likely to be.

Case Study

Our client wanted to take advantage of current commercial property prices to sell their interest in a freehold and utilise this funding to consolidate the business in a co-location to their head-office. They had decided to rent some space in the interim period.

Having provided a range of communications consultancy services prior to this, our team was engaged to find the most appropriate strategy for the new communication services.

We tested the market and found that at that time a move to VoIP was a little premature. We developed a plan that utilised the existing infrastructure in the rented offices, giving the new technology time to bed in elsewhere.

The move to VoIP, two years later, enabled the bigger relocation project to be almost seamless from a communications point of view with the cost of the equipment being mitigated to a large extent by the reduced need for WAN infrastructure and the reduced costs for relocating and maintaining the legacy equipment.